1. Policy
    • Millars Ark Toys ethical & social compliance are the values that set the framework for all the activities undertaken and managed by the business in order to achieve responsible and sustainable commercial success.
    • Millars Ark Toys will operate its business activity in fair and justifiable ways, and ways which will respect the environment.
    • Millars Ark Toys employees will ensure compliance with all appropriate statutory legislation, approved code of practice and guidance; all appropriate international legislation and directives and its duty of care enshrined with common law.
    • The Managing Director of Millars Ark Toys will act as a role model in the provision of the highest standard in leadership and management and will place quality at the top of the business agenda.
    • Millars Ark Toys expects its employees to be ambassadors to promote its brand identity and support its ethical values.
    • We would seek to work with companies, organisations or individuals who demonstrate their own ethical frameworks. Millars Ark Toys, when making a decision will consider the organisations:

– Labour, Health and Safety Standards

Wildlife Protection Standards

    • Millars Ark Toys is committed to reducing waste to landfill and championing waste and recycling options.
    • Millars Ark Toys undertakes to seek environment friendly alternatives to printed promotional and advertising materials where possible.
    • Millars Ark Toys employees may not, under any circumstances accept gifts of money, nor may they solicit non-monetary gifts, gratuities or any other personal benefit or favour of any kind from suppliers or customers. Employees may only accept unsolicited, non-monetary gifts from a business or individual doing or seeking to do business with Millars Ark Toys providing such gifts are passed to our HR department who must ensure that a fair and equal opportunity to enjoy such benefits is afforded to all employees.
    • Millars Ark Toys employees may only accept hospitality offered by companies or individuals doing or seeking to do business with Millars Ark Toys with the written permission of the Office Manager. All instances of staff accepting such hospitality will be logged by the Office Manager when permission is given.
    • Working within the ethics of Millars Ark Toys is the responsibility of Management and all employees.
    • It is the responsibility of Management to ensure that staff are fully aware of, and comply with this procedure.



Millars Ark Toys Ltd, sets out that the following standards will form part of the Sustainable Procurement Policy and Strategy.


1.1         Prison and Forced Labour

The procurement partner must under no circumstances use or in any way benefit from forced or compulsory labour. Likewise, the use of labour under any form of indentured servitude is prohibited, as is the use of physical punishment, confinement, threats of violence or other forms of harassment or abuse as a method of discipline or control. The procurement partner shall not utilise factories or production facilities that force work to be performed by unpaid or indentured labourers, nor shall the procurement partner contract for the manufacture of products with subcontractors that engage in such practises or utilise such facilities.

Where partners are using labour as part of a recognised government prison rehabilitation scheme, such an arrangement is not considered a breach of Policy.

 1.2        Child Labour

The use of child labour by the procurement partner is strictly prohibited.

Child labour refers to work that is mentally, physically, socially, morally dangerous or harmful to children, or improperly interferes with their schooling needs.

1.3         Working Hours

The procurement partner must ensure that its employees work in compliance with all applicable laws and mandatory industry standards pertaining to the number of hours and days worked.

1.4         Compensation

All employees of the procurement partner or their subcontractor must be provided with wages and benefits that comply with applicable laws and binding collective arrangements, including those pertaining to overtime work and other premium payments.

1.5         Non Discrimination

The procurement partner shall not discriminate in hiring and employment practices on the grounds of criteria such as race, colour, religion, sex or sexual orientation.


2.1         Workplace Environment

The Procurement partner shall provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment. As a minimum this includes potable drinking water, adequate sanitation, fire exits and essential safety equipment, access to emergency medical care and appropriately lit and equipped work stations. In addition, facilities must be constructed and maintained in accordance with the standards set by applicable codes and ordinances.

2.2         Product Quality and Safety

All goods and services delivered by the procurement partner must meet the quality and safety standards required by the applicable UK and/or EU law.



Millars Ark Toys Ltd, sets out that the following standards will form part of the Sustainable Procurement Policy and Strategy.

1.1         The procurement partner or any subcontractor to the partner will not have any direct or

               indirect association with a history of:

(a) The undertaking of procedures and practises which contravene animal welfare laws.

(b) Involvement in the release of genetically modified materials/ organisms to the detriment or damage of the environment and/or contravention with UK legislation.